Kelly Rowland Braless !!!!

Kelly Rowland spotted in Vegas wearing no bra. I don't know what Kelly was thinking when she decided to go braless in Vegas. She looks great, but she would look just as good with a bra on. 


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    Banish the Bra?No longer just hidden under shirts, Victoria's Secret brought the bra out into the open, making it a real fashion statement.

    But could a woman's bra actually be dangerous to her health?"Our research has shown that the bras issue, we believe is the leading cause of breast cancer", said Sydney Ross Singer, who wrote a book about what he believes is a link between breast cancer and bras.Ther Know Laws Say Women Wear A Bra They Can Go Bralesss All The Time Women "In fact to look at breast disease and ignore bras is like looking at foot disease and ignoring tight shoes," said Singer. Singer's center conducted a study involving five thousand American bank in the 1960 American cancer smoking did course cancer. in they say seaming about bra wear at same time 1960 of the hipper monuments that way the hipper women when braless ,.? at that time four all women. bra give you haertacate backbone cancer. healther to go braless all the time,.they found out.They looked at past behavior, including how tight the bras were and how long the women wore them. Here's what they found: breast cancer risk is increased by wearing a bra or a bra that's too tight," said Dr. Ermilo Barrera of the American Cancer Society.

    Dr. Barrera says women should get mammograms to reduce risk factors and not worry about their bras. "Watch their weight, exercise, drink only in moderation and don't smoke," said Doctor Hussein.Doctor Atif Hussein, Medical Director at the Memorial Cancer Institute calls the bra study interesting, but said, "it really is hard to tell you wearing the bra in itself was the ni Banerjee, 7News.(Copyright 2008 Sunbeam Television. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

    issue is all women should go braless all the time.New England News


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