Popcorn Fun Fact

What Food Did The Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman dedicate the entire month of October to in 1999?  

National Popcorn Month became an officially recognized celebration when Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman dedicated the entire month of October as National Popcorn Poppin' Month in 1999. Popcorn is a treat enjoyed around the world but it is big business in the United States. Americans will consume, on average, some 16 billion quarts of it every year. Popcorn is the staple snack food for people enjoying a night out at the movies, a tradition that is a boon for the popcorn industry.

Brunch of a Yacht

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Oct 20, 2017 Scorpio Horoscope

Too much self-confidence could backfire today, proving that positive thinking isn’t always beneficial. The intense Scorpio Moon brings passions into awareness. We could overstate our feelings while the Moon conspires with talkative Mercury and exaggerating Jupiter. However, we may be so concerned about what we might say that we seal our lips and hide our inner process from others. Nevertheless, a restrained revelation is healthier than none at all.

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Candy Corn Fun Fact

Under what name was the Halloween candy "Candy Corn" marketed originally? 

Chicken Feed

When it was originally marketed, candy corn appeared under the name "Chicken Feed." But the little candy morsels proved so popular that the candy conglomerate, Goelitz Candy Company, negotiated to take over the mass production of what would become an American favorite. Once it won the right to produce the seasonal treat, the Goelitz Company changed the name to candy corn. Today's recipe for the sweet seasonal treat is pretty much unchanged from its first original recipe. The main ingredients are honey, sugar and cornstarch

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