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Photo of the Day

Here goes a little late night exclusive for yall. ENJOY!

Words of Wisdom

"Talent is as common as horseshit in a stable. The cultivation of it is extremely rare.

-Eric Morris-


I was recently a background actress in the Feature Film, "New Years Eve". New Years Eve was directed by Gary Marshall , who also directed the 2010 film, "Valentine's Day" and some of the actors involved with this film are , Hilary Swank, Halle Berry, Ludacris, Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashton Kutcher, and many more. New Years Eve will be in Theatres December 9, 2011, so please go support.

Check out the trailer for New Years Eve below :


If you like the track, "Niggas in Paris" off the Jay-z & Kanye Watch The Throne album, check out this Chris Brown ,"Niggas in Paris" freestyle featuring T-Pain.

So C. Brezzy spit a couple bars, I can dig it !

Hey It's Tuesday

Today is Tuesday and even though it is only the second day of the week , I already feel overloaded and exhausted. I have so much to do this week and it has just begun. I know I can get through this week like I have made it through all my other busy weeks, but I am going to need prayer and motivation.

I believe prayer and motivation can get me through anything, so I will continue to stay positive, pray, and motivate myself through this week.

Quote of the Day

Change your life today . Don't gamble on the future ,act now , without delay. 

Simone de Beauvoir


Hey everyone! I been away for a while, but I am back and I have a lot to share. I am writing this post as I am preparing for work at my day job, but besides that I have a lot going on as I am trying to make my transition in the acting industry. I will admit it is not easy working a day job , being a mom, being a girlfriend, going to auditions and updating websites, but I am doing the best that I can and I will continue to do the best that I can. So please make sure you check for daily updates and do not forget to check me out on Facebook ( Tawana Lashay) and follow me on Twitter @allaboutlashay.