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TwitPic Exclusive !!!! From Kim Kardashian !!!!

Kim K and @glamsquadbts 

Kim K and Johnathan Cheban ....Kim looks great in this picture... Follow Kim Kardashian on Twitter @Kimkardashian

What y'all think about Kim K' s new twitpics ?

My Time Now Premiers Tomorrow on MTV !!!!!

Nicki Minaj  My Time Now premiers tomorrow November 28. 2010 on MTV. This is something I am looking forward to watching. Is anyone else excited to see this besides me ?

Two New Dope Tracks from the Homie Wiz Khalifa !!!!!

Real Estate - Wiz Khalifa

Star of the Show - Wiz Khalifa

Make sure yall follow Wiz on Twitter @RealWizKhalifa

I'm feeling both of these joints ....How yall feel about these tracks? Leave your comments below

My 25th Birthday !!!!!

Me and my promoter V-Dub hit him up on Facebook @V-Dub CEO V-Nation,  if yall need a promoter for Decko Lounge

Arriving at the club with my 1st bottle ....

 Maddy  ...Joanna .... Fancy... Christine ....and Myself

Me and Fancy 

Christine ...Fancy...and me 

Me and Tyra 

Tyra ....Fancy 


Lyssa ....Fancy 


Me and Fancy ...Make sure yall follow Fancy on Twitter @djancyj

Tyra...Aleaya...Lyssa...and Lynn 

Aleaya ...Lyssa....and Lynn 

Aleaya and Lyssa
These pics were taken Sunday November 14. 2010 @ Decko Lounge in Sayreville, NJ 
Me My Fam and My Girls had a blast.... I still can't believe Im 25 ...DAMN ...


New Lil Kim ...this track is called Black Friday and it is a diss to Nicki Minaj ....Kim definitely came back hard ...... I'm luvin it .... What yall think ? Leave ur comments below .....


Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving !!!!!!

Event of the Day !!!!

If you are in the NY area tonight, here is an event that you might want to check out. For more information call 646-294-3455

Eye Candy !!!!

I'm sorry ladies but if you do not find this attractive your gay. This man is pure eye candy and he is fully clothed, not a lot of people can pull that off. Make sure yall follow this sexy man on Twitter @Lancegross

Dude Spitting a Freestyle to Cassidy While Beating on his Chest!!!

Dude doing his thing, but he got my cracking up the way he beating on his chest, Don't that shit hurt *side eye*

The Kardashians Signed a Deal with Skechers!!!!!

Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner have signed a seven-figure endorsement deal for the shoe company Skechers according to E! Online. Both Kim and Kris claim they were Skechers Shape Up sneakers on a regular basis for fitness purposes.

Kourtney Kardashian's Son Rushed to the Hospital !!!!!

Kourtney Kardashian's son Mason was rushed to the hospital last night after having an allergic reaction to peanut butter. but Mason is " totally fine" , and now back at home.

Nicki Minaj Speaks About 10 of her Most Outrageous Outfits !!!!!!

Nicki Minaj talks a little bit about some of the different outfits she has wore within the last couple of months. I am definitely digging her with the all black hair. #luvit

Ice-T & CoCo Filming a Reality Show !!!!!

Ice-T and his wife CoCo were seen at the Covet Lounge in Midtown Manhattan with a film crew. It has been reported that the couple filmed inside the lounge for about 30 minutes and then they stuck around afterward to relax. Sources are saying the duo's reality show is for the E! Television Network, but E! has not responded saying if theses rumors are true.

TwitPic Exclusive !!!!

Rihanna tweeted this pic last night from the American Music Awards and she looks great. Also congratulations to Rihanna for winning The 2010 American Music Award for Soul/Rhythm & Blues Music Favorite Female Artist.  Go Ri Ri !!!! Make sure yall follow Rihanna on Twitter @Rihanna 

Photos and Video Footage of Nicki Minaj in NJ!!!!!

So Nicki  Minaj did her thing at Club Ole in Elizabeth , NJ last night. As you can see she looked great and she it down, hopefully she felt the love and will come back to Jersey soon.

VH1 Divas ..Salute the Troops !!!!

This Salute the Troops line up is very interesting and I think the troops will really be entertained by it. They can laugh with Kathy Griffin , look at Nicki Minaj's ass, listen to the talented Keri Hilson, look at the beautiful Katy Perry and more.

Nicki Minaj Performs on David Letterman !!!!!

I love Nicki but this was another dry performance and I am not feeling her choice of outfit for the occasion.

Nia Long looks Amazing !!!!!

Nia Long is just one of those naturally beautiful celebrities and she doesnt seem to be aging a bit.

Event of the Day !!!!

If you are going to be in the NYC area tonight , here is an event you may want to check out. For more information call 917-295-2455

Nicki Minaj's MTV Documentary Preview !!!!

This looks like something worth watching , so I will be tuning in , what about yall ?

A New Dope Track from Wiz Khalifa !!!!

I am personally feeling the dude Wiz Khalifa and I am also feeling this track. The beat on this track is very pop to me and he still went in and killed it.

Dora the Explorer Cursing !!!!Damn Shame !!!

A lot of people may listen to this and think it is funny, but my daughter watches Dora the Explorer, so I don't find this funny. I find it sad that someone actually used some of their time to take an educational children's cartoon and turn it into garbage.

Picture of the Day !!!

Quick iphone pic I took like 2 weeks ago

Jennifer Hudson is Really a Skinny Chick Now !!!!

I can't even hate J-Hud looks great and I am loving the catsuit since I own the same one

Nicki Minaj on the Wendy Williams Show !!!

Nicki's performance on the Wendy Williams Show was dry to me, but Wendy seemed to like it ...

Amber Rose Dressed Down !!!

Amber Rose even looks good dressed down .... What Yall think ?

Wow Nicki Minaj has clothes on !!!!

I think this outfit is cute ,  but Nicki looks uncomfortable so maybe she should go back to wearing less clothes

My Favorite Song of the Week !!!!!

Roman Revenge - Nicki Minaj ft Eminem

Even if you are not a Nicki Minaj fan you can not tell me she did not go in on this joint. Leave a comment and let me know what u think about this track.

Kourtney Kardashian on the Go !!!!

I'm sorry Kourt but you can do much better ... I am not feeling this outfit , even though I do like the purse .....As a whole I am not feeling this outfit

The Beautiful Amerie !!!!!

Amerie at the premiere of the new movie Skyline in LA yesterday   Amerie has that natural beauty... She is looking great !!!!!

Beauty of the Day !!!!

This girl is serious ... she not only has a banging body but her face is amazing also....Make sure yall follow this beauty on twitter @hotyella817

Whose Partying Wit Me for My Birthday !!!!

Contact me on Facebook or Twitter , if you want to be on my guestlist

This is for the Ladies !!!!!

OMG Ladies !!! I hope you are enjoying this picture as much as I am ......

Vanessa Simmons Does a Photoshoot !!!

I am not a big fan of Vanessa Simmons but I am loving the pink shoes she has on, What about you ?

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian on the Subway !!!!!

The Kardashian sisters rode the 6 train for the 1st time today, while they are in NYC filming their reality show and opening up their new Dash Store.....

Event of the Day !!!!

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Update on the Smoking Toddler !!!!

The video of this toddler smoking made a lot of people laugh including myself, but this is really not a funny matter and I am glad the toddler got the help he needed.

Meagan Good Where Have You Been ?

I am not understanding the 1 earring thing, but whatever

Kim Kardashian is Doing Music Now !!!!!

I can't believe Kim K is doing music now....I really have nothing to say , What about you ?

Twit Pic Exclusive !!!!!

Twit Pic exclusive of Joe Budden and DJ Envy ... Posted by DJ Envy make sure yall follow him on Twitter @djenvy

Event of the Day !!!!

If you are in the NYC area tomorrow, you might wanna check out this event.... For more information call 646-717-4430 ......

Picture of the Day !!!

Definitely a Lashay Online Exclusive .... This is a special thanks for checking out my blog......

Kim Kardashian @ The Nets Game !!!

Kim Kardashian was at The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey yesterday watching the Nets take on Miami Heat... and her outfit is FIRE as usual ....

Kim K Looks Great !!!!

Kim Kardashian looks great even with all her clothes on .... I am loving the entire outfit, especially the ripped up jeans with the leopard boots ....definitely fire ......This outfit gets an 8 in my book ...

Kimora & Her Girls Out and About !!!!

Kimora's daughters are getting big so fast .. but Kimora is still looking great and I am loving the outfit , its a little wrinkled but i love the dress with the jacket.