Season Premier of the Frankie and Neffe Show

After going through some changes Frankie and Neffe, the mother and sister of R&B artist Keyshia Cole premiere their own reality show on BET. Beginning with the duo settling into their new places, Frankie admits she is learning how to be responsible because it is her first time having a place of her own and that she is paying her own bills and does not want to ask Keyshia for any money. On the other hand Neffe is looking better than ever and seems to hold herself with a lot more confidence.

As for future ventures Neffe is looking to get a divorce, marry her new finance, and publish her book, while Frankie wants to begin a perfume and clothing line. Because of their differences and family issues both Frankie and Neffe agreed to see a life coach.

The two of them and life coach, this is definitely must see T.V. I am really looking forward to seeing the next episode.


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