400-lb Man Dead Inside a Laundry Bag

Body of 400-lb Man Found Inside Bag

Police discover decomposing body inside kitchen closet

The decomposing body of an obese man was found stuffed inside a laundry bag in his Bronx apartment Saturday, police said.
Neighbors told the Daily News that the man weighed about 400 pounds and was suspected of selling drugs from his sixth floor apartment at the Justice Sonia Sotomayor Houses in Soundview.
Police responding to another call Saturday noticed a putrid smell outside the apartment. Inside they found the body wrapped in a blood-drenched laundry bag placed in a kitchen closet.
It’s believed that he was killed several days ago. Police have yet to formally identify him.
Residents and visitors said they were shocked.
“It’s just sad,” said Alisha Ormond of Stony Point in upstate New York.  She was visiting her mother, who lives at the complex.
“Times are rough now and people just don’t care about life,” Ormond said.
Courtesy of NBC New York


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