Did you miss me?

Hello Everyone! I know I have not updated www.allaboutlashay.com lately, but I been very busy with my daughter's first birthday, and if that was not enough my laptop broke on me. But I am writing this post to let everyone know that I am back and ready to work.

Even though I seemed to be MIA , I really have been enjoying life with my family. As much as I want to work all the time, my daughter needs me and I have to be there for her first. So for her 1st birthday we celebrated all weekend. Jayla's birthday was actually on Friday August 5th , so her father and I took her to the Jenkinsons Aquarium in Point Pleasant , NJ. We had a great time and I would recommend anyone with small children to take them there. Jenkinson's Aquarium is good for small children because it is not big, but there are things to keep small children occupied. For more information on about the aquarium go to www.jenkinsons.com.

Like we weren't tired enough from spending all day in Point Pleasant, we had to wake up early Saturday morning and prepare for Jayla's first birthday party. Jayla's first birthday party was held at Kidz Village in Woodbridge, NJ. Her party not only turned out to be fun for kids and adults, but it also had so many memorable moments. For more information about Kidz Village go to www.kidzvillage.com.

Last but certainly not least we took Jayla's on her first trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. Even though she only was able to get on one ride we all still had a good time as a family on our trip to six flags. I strongly believe in taking your children to different places and just letting them be children and act their age. The worst thing to me is to meet a child that has never been anywhere, to me that is bad parenting. I understand some people have financial issues, but if you can afford to get your hair & nails done, you can afford to take your child or children somewhere at least once every couple months. I only been a mother for a year, but it is all coming to me naturally. For more information on Six Flags Great adventure go to www.sixflags.com.

I did my best for my daughter to have a great birthday weekend and I can not wait to do it all again next year.


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