Ashanti on Hot 107.9 in Philly

Ashanti doing her thing on Hot 107.9 in Philly. I think Ashanti looks great and I am really excited that she is back on the scene with her new single, " The woman you love". I was always an Ashanti fan and I hope she will keep me as a fan with her new album. 

Here are some excerpts from Ashanti's interviews in Philly:
Do you cook?Absolutely, I get busy in the kitchen. I do the whole Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas –I do everything.
On sex on the first dateNah, you’re waiting almost a year. It’s not going that easy.
Which one do you prefer on the vajayjay, landing strip or bare?Landing strip, as long as it’s cute, nice and neat.
The one physical feature on a man that you have to haveYou have to have nice lips. You have to have a nice mouth.
What’s an instant turn on?You have to smell good. I like a good cologne; not like really strong.
Do you date outside your race?I have. I had a Puerto Rican.
Missionary or doggy style?How can I say this nicely and politically? I like to stand on top of things.


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