Idris Elba on the Cover of GQ

Check out the stunning Idris Elba on the cover of the latest issue of GQ Magazine. No matter if he was playing the role of Stinger Bell on The Wire , Monty in Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls, or just being on the cover of GQ Magazine, he is always looking good not even good lets say he is always looking amazing. 
But in his recent article in GQ he explains that everything in his life has not been perfect. He goes on to explain that he was married before and had a daughter while in that marriage. He also opens up about having a son while in a relationship with another woman and then later finding out that the baby wasn't his. 
Now everything makes sense, since a few years ago Idris told the media he had a son and then later denied that his son ever existed, which left many people shocked and confused. 

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