Are You Interested in Facial Hair Removal?

Facial Hair Removal

By Linnea Carmi 

Many women have tons of routines they perform constantly,  to keep themselves looking as amazing as they do on a daily basis. There is the weekly/bi-weekly hair appointment, manicures, pedicures, shopping to stay on top of the latest fashions, and sometimes the most painful of all - Hair Removal. In the process of keeping our title of  "Fabulous Woman" we remove upper lip hair and shape brows, we deal with ingrown hairs, razor, burn, skin sensitivity, and the horrible pain of certain hair removal techniques. However there are ways to stay fabulous with baby smooth facial skin.

There are several different types of hair removal, some of my favorites are: 

Shaving is one of the more popular less expensive methods of hair removal, lasting some about 1 to 3 days until hair returns. But a woman's face is not meant to be shaved, not unless she is shaping her eyebrows with a dry eyebrow razor. Shaving improperly raises the risk of ingrown hairs, razor burn, and cuts, not the type of treatment a woman should give to her face.

Tweezing is another one of the cheaper methods of hair removal, lasting a little longer than shaving (2-6 weeks). If done improperly, you run the risk of ingrown hairs, infection, and irritation. The process is very painful, since hairs are ripped from below the skins surface one by one. A good tweezer could cost anywhere between $2-$30. 

  Depilatory cream is a strong chemical for hair removal. The chemical breaks down hair molecules and dissolves it. Results can last a few days to a week depending on the texture of the hair being removed. The chemical in depilatory cream works pretty quickly but is messy, has a foul odor, and is usually too harsh for the fragile skin on the face. There are some depilatory creams that promise to be gentle enough for the face, but people with sensitive skin should stay away from depilatories at all costs. Depilatories cost between $5-$30.

Waxing is a method similar to tweezing but more preferable since more strands of hair are pulled out at once, making it quicker and shortening the amount of time enduring pain.  It's highly recommended to get waxing done by a professional to avoid over waxing or damage to skin due to an improper technique. Waxing can last about 2-4 weeks. Some people may be sensitive to the ingredients in wax. Waxing is usually more expensive than tweezing at home and shaving costing from $10-$150 depending on the area being waxed and weather its done professionally or at home. 

Electrolysis is a method of hair removal that can only be done by a professional. A more permanent and expensive procedure done in many mini sessions. Using a needle and electric current directly into the skin and hair follicle it permanently stops hair growth. Usually done in small areas at a time and takes a while to be finished. Costs can range from $25-$150 per session. Some people get scars and irritation on there skin from the procedure. Hair removal sometimes still isn't permanent. 

Laser Hair Removal 
Laser Hair Removal is another, more permanent, procedure that can only be done professionally. A laser is applied to the skin in larger areas than electrolysis but the technique is also usually less permanent and maintenance may need to be done every 6 months to a year. Laser hair Removal is more expensive per treatment than Electrolysis costing around $400 a session. However irritation can be less extensive.
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