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 Move On and Keep Moving Up
 By Tawana Derrick 

            Why do people do the things that they do? That is my question for today. It seems like you have to keep everything to yourself these days, in fear of the person that you tell something to will then tell other people or that they will just use what you tell them against you. I think it is sad that you cannot even trust the people you thought you were able to trust.
            My situation is that I knew what I was going to name my daughter since I was 2 months pregnant and my baby’s father told his friends and one of his friends had a baby girl and named his daughter what I have been planning to name my daughter. Yes! Grimey! And it is extra grimey because he already had a name picked for his daughter. I am telling you life is funny sometimes, but you have to just move on and keep moving up. Just learn to stay away from grimey people.

“ You got to take the crookeds with the straights “  - August Wilson (Fences) 


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