Do you Want Perfect Eyebrows ?

Do You Want Perfect Eyebrow?
By Linnea Carmi


    A lot of women get eyebrows done professionally, but it is possible to achieve great looking eyebrows at home. You could get a at home wax kit and follow directions on the package or you could use a razor. When waxing eyebrows at home a good technique is to zone in on what hair should be left on the face, is to get a eyebrow stencil (in the shape you want your eyebrows to be, and looks right with the natural shape of your eyebrows), a dark colored eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, little scissors. 

1. brush  eyebrows up and outwards to make all hairs lay in a natural neat direction.  

2. Place eyebrow stencil on brow matching up where your brows begin to the line straight above from the sides of your nostrils, your arch is where the diagonal line from the side of your nostrils goes over the pupils of your eyes, and the point of your brow is the diagonal lines from your nostrils to the corners of your eyes. Mark all of these points with a eye pencil to give the stencil a guide.

3. Shade inside stencil using brow brush and dark powder, filling completely. 

4. brush brows, careful not to mess up the shading you have just made (if any of the powder or pencil lines smudge a little you can take a q-tip and gently remove any of the smudged lines that move outside of your shaped brow. 

5. Using a scissors trim any long hairs that stick up and  outside the guide you have shaded onto your brow.

6. Using a razor (or wax if your hand is steady and you feel confident you wont wax your entire brow off) take off hair growing outside of the shaded area.

7. using makeup remover, a baby wipe, or a moist cloth wipe off all the pencil markings and check your work. If parts were missed and you left hairs that needed trimming, go back with the razor or tweezers and clean up strays. Make sure you do not take off anymore than necessary. If you make a tiny mistake on one brow do not attempt to even both brows out, or else when you remove the brow makeup you will be left with thin awkwardly shaped brows or even worse, none at all.


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