R.Kelly's Love Letter Tour Hits Newark, NJ

R.Kelly’s Love Letter Tour Hits Newark,


R.Kelly’s, “Love Letter Tour” came to the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. With opening acts Marsha Ambrosius and Keyshia Cole hitting the stage to perform some of their own hits, which had the crowd on fire.

Marsha Ambrosius former member of British R&B duo Floetry, kept the audience moving performing songs off of her debut album, “ Late Nights & Early Mornings”. She performed, “ Hope she cheats on you” and “ Far Away off of her album, but the amazing songstress also went over tracks like, “Hustle Hard”, “ I’m on one”, and “ Candy” by Cameo. By the time she exited the stage the audience was on their feet and ready for more.

Looking amazing R&B artist Keyshia Cole had a very high-energy performance. She had the crowd singing along to every song she performed, but above all Keyshia Cole’s guitar player did a superb job.

Both Marsha and Keyshia held their own while preparing the audience for the real star of the show, Mister R.Kelly, and the crowd was definitely ready for him, by the time the two ladies were done.

                                                                                      Photos provided by YBF.Com 

Beginning the show with a well put together black & white film, starring himself; R.Kelly had the crowd’s attention from the very start and kept their attention throughout the entire show. Robert Sylvester Kelly performed at least one hit song off of all of his albums and also many of the hit songs other artists featured him on. The audience members sung word for word every song R.Kelly performed and R was glad to see so many of his die hard fans at his performance in New Jersey. 

I , myself was an audience member at the, "Love Letter Tour" at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ on Thursday June 30, 2011, and I must say that I had a spectacular time. From the time I parked my car in the parking deck and began to walk toward the Prudential Center to the time I walked out of the Prudential Center and back to my car, was an experience to remember. 

People that know me know that I am a huge R.Kelly fan so I been excited to attend this concert since I heard about it, and it was all that I expected it to be. Not only can R.kelly sing, but he also puts on a great live performance that sounds exactly like his recorded music. Singing classics like: "Your Body's Calling", "Bump and Grind" , " Down Low", and many more , R.Kelly really broken it down for all the old school R.Kelly fans. But he did not stop there, he went on to sing many of his update to date and most recent songs also. The concert ended with a confetti display, that looked just amazing.

As I left the concert all I can say is , "R.Kelly is one fine motherfucker." #imjustsaying 


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